I've added my Facebook profile but nothing is sending

Updated 1 year ago by Jelena Mikic

When adding a new Facebook profile, campaign content won't be sent automatically. Read on to find out what you need to do.

Unlike the other social networks you can add within Missinglettr, Facebook requires any content that we send out to be manually set and approved by the user. This social platform is doing its best to protect the users and prevent any sort of scams.

When you add your FB profile for the first time, if you already have active campaigns we will not be able to start sending content out to your newly added Facebook profile automatically for these campaigns.

To start sending content for previously approved campaigns to your Facebook profiles, you will need to 'pause and edit' each campaign. You can do this by heading to your active Campaign list. 

From here, press the 'pause and edit' button. This will temporarily pause the campaign. Whilst it is paused, you can add and review content for your Facebook profiles (just like you normally would when reviewing a new campaign). 

Once you're happy with the FB content, re-activate the campaign. We will now continue sending that campaign to your newly added Facebook profile(s) as well as any other profiles you already had linked.

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