Approving Campaigns with an attached Facebook profile

Updated 7 months ago by Branislav

Facebook has been keen on making sure that any post that goes out to their API has to be manually approved.
To adhere to this policy, we have introduced the following procedure: 

Once your campaign has been created and you have finished adding your hashtags, the next step will greet you with the following popup:

To proceed, click Close, or the X in the top corner.  
Once closed, scroll down on the page until you can see the post for Day 0. Select the Facebook tab for the Day 0 post. 

Here you will see our content suggestion and a copy button next to it. To approve content for Facebook, please copy and paste the suggestion into the text area above it. Feel free to make any modifications you deem fit. 

When you are happy with the content of a post click the "Save" button under the post to record the changes made. 
One done the Facebook icon should turn green and you can proceed to the next post. 

This step should be repeated for every post within the campaign.
If you continue scrolling down on the page, you will see posts for other days (Day3, Day7...).
The moment there are no more red circles next to Facebook icons, you are ready to activate your campaign.  

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