The Quote Bubble module uses content found within your blog post to generate images for your drip campaign.

For more info on setting up quote bubbles and branding, see here.

To customize a quote bubble, head to Settings > Branding and click on the magic wand to edit your themes.

This will bring up the Quote Bubble editor.

1. Border lines

The two red lines to the left and right of the quote bubble represent cut-off lines. Anything beyond the borders will be excluded when creating the image.

2. Resizing and moving

The quote bubble preview, visible on the left can be used to move and resize individual elements.

3. Background options

You can add an image to be displayed behind the quote and speech bubbles.

4. Speech bubble

The Speech bubble section controls how the bubble holding the text will look.

Via the Design dropdown, you can choose from multiple available designs:

  • Outline bubble
  • Outline bubble - wide
  • Flat block, no arrow
  • Rounded
  • Rounded wide

5. Quote

The Quote section controls the fonts and styles used in the content of your quote bubbles.

Clicking on the + icon will reveal a popup allowing you to search through all available Google Fonts.

You can also change the size, weight, color, style, and alignment of your text here.

6. Author

The Author section allows you to control how the Author name and Profile image are shown.

You can choose the font family, size, weight, color, style, and alignment of the author text as well as whether the author or profile image is visible on the quote bubble. Depending on your logo, you can use a square, rounded square, or circle for your profile image.

7. Brand

You can choose the font family, size, weight, color, style, and alignment of the author text. The eye icon allows you to toggle between showing and hiding branding.