My Facebook groups are not available for selection

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There are two ways to create Groups in Facebook : one is creating a group from a page, which will directly link the group to the page :

The other way is creating a group in your profile (that you can link to a page afterwards if you need with the "Link group" button you see above).

The groups that were created from a Facebook page won't be available for selection. If you have created your group from a page, you'll need to unlink them :

When you create a group from a page, the first member and admin is the page, not your Facebook profile. For this reason, the first step is to make sure your Facebook personal profile is part of the group, and then add yourself as an admin.

Here's a video that shows the steps you need to follow :

If you have any issue with this process, you can contact support and we'll provide the help you need !

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