Campaign Review

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0. Intro

Campaign review is a step that allows you to edit approve the content of each campaign that will be posted to your connected social profiles.

This article will cover all aspects and options available within Campaign Review.

1. Hashtags

The first part of campaign review allows you to configure the hashtags used in this campaign.

Based on your content, an AI method is used to determine the optimal hashtags for the campaign.

The red circles determine the popularity of a hashtag.

Once you are happy with them, click 'Next' in the left right corner to proceed to the following step.

1.1 Add hashtags

To add a hashtag, type it in the field and press enter:

1.2 Remove hashtags

To remove a single hashtag, use the trashcan icon next to the hashtag:

To remove all hashtags, use the 'Delete all hashtags' button:

1.3 Hashtag priority

Hashtag priority is determined by the position of the hashtag in the list. Moving hashtags to the top of the list increases their priority.

Hashtags with a higher priority will be in your social posts more frequently.

2. Content Review

The second step consists of all the content we've managed to extract from your blog post, combined with images, quote bubbles and content templates, distributed across the campaign posting days and social profile variations. Posting days and distribution is controlled by schedule templates.

2.1 Types of posts

When posting to social profiles, Missinglettr can send link cards, text or an image with a description.

2.1.1 Just text

"Just text" posts with links will be resolved into link cards.

"Just text" posts without links will be published as plain text.

2.1.2 Quote bubbles

Quote bubbles use your content and quote bubble templates to create a cool branded image.

2.1.3 Images

We will detect all images larger than 150x150px within the body of your blog post and add them to your campaigns automatically.

2.2 Controlling social profiles in a campaign

While approving a campaign, you can control which post goes out to which social profile, or disable a social profile from a campaign entirely.

2.3.1 Entirely disable a social profile from a campaign

Simply click the social profile icon in the 'Sending to' menu.

Once disabled, the social profile tab will be removed from posting days.

You can add them back by enabling the social profiles in the 'Sending to' menu.

2.3.2 Disable a single post from sending to a specific social profile.

Toggling a social profile icon off, will disable and fade out the icon.

2.3 Content Selection

Content selection allows you to reduce the amount of content your campaign works with and speed up your review process.

You can select individual extracted quotes which should be included in your campaign, or add manual ones.

If the list of selected items is populated, only what is selected will be available in your campaign.

If the list of selected items is empty, everything extracted will be available in your campaign.

You can access it via the Link in the content summary:

2.3.1 Adding Quotes

To add available quotes, hover over them and click the Add button:

2.3.2 Adding custom quotes

To add custom quotes, use the 'Add custom entry button' input your quote and hit save:

2.3.3 Removing selected quotes

You can remove selected quotes by using the remove button under the selected quote, or by unselecting the item in the extracted list:

2.3.4 Applying selected content to a campaign

By closing the content selection, the content reachable by toggling on campaign posts and quote bubbles will be limited to your selected content. In order to speed up content selection even more, you can use the "Apply to campaign slots" button:

This option will remove any content currently assigned to posting days within a campaign and replace it with the content you have selected.

2.4 Facebook posts

When Facebook posts are present in the campaign, each should be manually approved.

2.4.1 Troubleshooting

If all Facebook posts are marked as green, but you are still having trouble passing to the last step, try refreshing the page (no changes will be lost, don't worry!)

2.5 Editing suggested content

To enter the edit mode, click on the pencil icon:

It's possible to edit both the post and quote bubble content. Once you are finished with editing a post, click the floppy disc icon to preserve any changes made.

2.5.1 Post states and variations

Each posting day in a campaign includes posts for all social profiles connected to your site. These are post variations. The icons next to a single post in a campaign allow you to access post variations for individual social profiles. The first icon serves as a default post view:

A blue line below an icon indicates the currently selected variation:

If a social profile post variation is turned off, its icon will appear faded:

An exclamation mark in place of the social platform icon indicates that it should be manually approved:

Once a Facebook post is approved, or a specific post variation edited, it's icon turns green:

Once a post variation is edited, any edits made to the default content or a different post variation will not apply to the previously edited post.

3. Final steps

Once you are happy with your content, hit Next and you should reach the final step:

3.1 Start date

The "start date" indicates when the campaign should start posting - Day0 within a campaign will attempt to get posted on the configured start date.

3.2 End date

By default, the end date is empty which means that all posts within a campaign will get posted. If you wish your campaign to end sooner, set an end date.

Anything scheduled to get published after the end date will not be posted.

3.3 External review

If you want your clients or coworkers to go through the campaign before it's published, here's more info on external review.

3.4 Re-post to Medium

If you want your blog posts to be published on your Medium account as well, see here for more info on Medium content re-purposing.

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