Content from my blog posts aren't being extracted

Updated 3 weeks ago by Branislav

If you're seeing the "No Content Found" message on one or more of your campaigns, then there is a chance that your website is blocking Missinglettr from reading content from it.

If you believe this is the case, then you may need to Whitelist our server IP addresses. To do this you will need to locate the Wordpress plugin, service or tool installed on your site that is doing the blocking.

How do I find my plugin?

There are numerous plugins, tools and services designed to stop external services from scraping websites. However common ones include Incapsula and Wordfence. If you use any of these services and wish to use Missinglettr, you will need to whitelist our server's IP address to grant us access.

What do I need to do once i've located the plugin responsible?

Since every website is setup differently, it's not possible to create an exact guide as the approach will vary depending on the plugin you are using. However, typically in all cases you will want to search for an area that allows you to Whitelist IP addresses (basically telling the plugin that if they detect these IP addresses extracting content from your site, that they should be allowed to do so).

The IP addresses you need to whitelist are:


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