Why do most of my posts use the first time slot?

Each of your sites has its own schedule. Continue reading to find out why you'll often just see one of these time slots being used.

If you've set up time-slots for your site and specified your preferred time-zone, fantastic! If not, start here.

But, what now? And how are these slots used?

Even though you have set up a few time-slots for Missinglettr to use, you'll typically find that (in the early days at-least) only the first slot will be used.

Remember, by default, each of your Missinglettr campaigns runs for 12 months and is made up of 9 posts. For that one campaign, you have one post on day 1, another post on day 3 and so on.

When we schedule each of those posts for you, we first check to make sure there is availability on that day. If there are no other posts scheduled on that day, then we take the first available time-slot.

When you first start using Missinglettr, until you reach a certain volume of active campaigns, the majority of the posts we schedule will end up using the first time-slot on the day it is due to go out, simply because there are no other posts going out on that day. As you start approving more campaigns, you'll start to see time-slots 2, 3, and then 4 being used.

Remember, Missinglettr encourages natural, non-spammy social posting. It's generally a positive audience experience to gradually increase your posting volume over time. 

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