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Updated 7 months ago by Jelena Mikic

After a while, you can get tired of the default sentences we’re using for your posts - “Just published an article”, “Hot off the press”… and you want to create more variety. Or your blog is not in English, so these make no sense for you.

With the “Content templates” feature, you can create your own default sentences.

You can access the feature by clicking “Content templates” in the “Settings” menu:

You'll see this window

Before you start editing the templates, it's important to know which building blocks are available here.

  1. Blog title - %(title)s
  2. Quote from the blog post - "%(quote)s"
  3. Twitter handle of the author - @%(og_author_twitter_handle)s
  4. Your own text

It's possible to edit/remove existing content templates and add new ones.  To reveal the edit button click on the dots:

Once the edit/add button are clicked, a popup will appear:

So, you'll basically be putting blocks together and you'll be able to add your own text.

For example, say we want to create a template that includes "My new blog post is awesome, check it out - blog post title".  We can do this by writing the "My new blog post is awesome, check it out -" first and clicking on the "Insert title" box. Once done, the new template should look like this:

You can also see there is a box you can check if you want one template to be used in a campaign only once.
Once you are happy with the content template, hit Save and it will be added to the list.

On the left side of the screen, you'll see the option to add templates just for specific days of the campaign:

Please note that this feature is available to users on Business plan or above.

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