Why am I being asked to reauthenticate my social profile?

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When you connect one of your social profiles to Missinglettr, the platform in question (whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn) provide us with a unique access code to use when communicating with that social profile, as well as when schedulding / sending social content to it.

From time to time, these access codes expire and as such, a new one will need to be generated. This is done for security reasons and in most cases is outside of our control. If / when this happens, Missinglettr will send you an email and we'll also display a prominent message in the header and on the dashboard of your Missinglettr workspace.

In most cases, all you will need to do is click a button to reauthenticate. Doing this will send you to the social network in question (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn). Once you have logged in, you'll be sent back to Missinglettr and we should then be able to resume sending social content to that profile.

Why am I being asked to reauthenticate relatively frequently?

If you are being asked to reauthenticate your social profile more frequently than once every few months, then there may be a few additional steps to take or check. Please refer to the notes below for the social network you are having issues with:

All social networks:

No matter what social network you are authenticating, its really important that you accept the default permissions when / if asked. If you blocked certain permissions then you may need to start the process again. Please see below for specific instructions on how to do this.


If you are having issues with a Facebook Group, then you may need to update your group settings. Please read this help guide.

For any other Facebook issues, you may need to remove Missinglettr from your list of authorised apps and then re-connect. Please read this for more info.

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