Character limits for different platforms

Each social network Missinglettr supports has its own limits when posting content to their API. At the moment, the character limits within Missinglettr are: Twitter: 280 Facebook: 1000 LinkedIn: 3000…


How to delete a social profile

Sometimes you might need to remove a social profile you connected to your account. This guide shows you how to do it.


Which social media accounts can I connect?

At this time, we currently support scheduling on the following social media platforms: Facebook (pages & groups). Twitter. LinkedIn (profiles, pages). Instagram (Business accounts). Google My Busines…


Why am I being asked to reauthenticate my social profile?

When you connect one of your social profiles to Missinglettr, the platform in question (whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn) provide us with a unique access code to use when communi…

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