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Setting up branding for your campaigns

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Access the branding options for your drip campaigns by selecting Branding under Content in the left-hand settings bar.

The Branding page showcases all active themes on your site.

This page is organized into three tabs: 

  1. Active Themes
  2. My Theme Library
  3. Browse Available Themes

1. Active Themes

Click the pencil icon to update your basic theme details, including brand name, color, author name, and author image.

Clicking on the magic wand icon icons below the quote bubble template allows you to edit the look of your template - please note that this option is NOT available if you're on the free plan.

You can specifically pick:

  • What you want to be used as a background (the original image, a custom image, an image extracted from the post, or a random image from your personal gallery)
  • How the speech bubble should look
  • The size and style of the text in the speech bubble

Customizing branding templates is further described here: Customizing Quote Bubbles​

The X icon will remove the template from this site.

2. My Theme Library

Business users can create and use their own quote bubble templates. This is possible from your theme library. The icons below the templates allow the following: 

  • Pencil - allows you to edit the branding template as described in the first section.​
  • Copy - Will duplicate the template you are copying, allowing you to create a variation. 
  • Trash can - delete the branding template from your library. This will effectively remove the branding template from any site it is activated on. 

If a template is not active on the site you are currently on, it will have the "Activate for this site" option available. Clicking on it will add the template to your future campaigns for this site. 

Under each template, you can see how many sites share the same branding template. 

Changing a shared quote bubble template on a site will update the quote bubble templates across all sites. 

3. Browse Available Themes

Our first premium branding templates have officially been launched, and if you are a paying customer, you can add any of them to your library and edit them as you wish.

To select one, just add it to your library using the button under each template. 

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