What's an RSS feed?

In order for Missinglettr to be able to discover posts on your blog, we require that you have a valid RSS feed. 

An RSS feed holds the important information regarding your latest blog posts, for example the post title, URL, excerpt, and publish date.

As soon as you publish a new blog post, your RSS feed gets automatically updated and our backend receives a notification that we should collect the new post from your site.

Within an hour, our scraper should reach your blog, collect the new post and notify you that a new campaign is available for creation. 

The most popular blogging platforms have RSS feeds enabled by default (including WordPress, Blogger, Medium, and Squarespace)

In order to verify that your selected blogging software supports RSS feeds, a simple Google search should provide answers. 

If you don't have an RSS feed and would like to set one up, see here

If you are unable to locate your RSS feed, contact our customer support and they should bring you up to speed in no time. To do so, use the little blue circle in the bottom right corner of your screen available on any page on Missinglettr.com 

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Setup an RSS feed