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Curate Auto-Schedule is a tool that will automatically schedule content from other Curate users in your Calendar.

When you first set up your Curate profile, you add some categories, tags and topics. If you head over to your Settings -> Curate -> Auto-Schedule, you'll be able to set up your preferences :

  1. Auto-schedule delay : How many days do you want us to use when scheduling the posts? If you choose 3 days, then you'll get new suggestions every 3 days.
  2. Maximum suggestions : How many posts do you want us to schedule in those 3 days?
  3. Social profiles : To which social profiles do you want to send the Curated posts?
  4. Categories and topics : Which categories and topics would you like us to use when suggesting content?

Once you've set up your preferences, click save and don't forget to check your calendar every x days ! The Curate posts Waiting for approval will have a yellow dot :

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