My Instagram Account is not showing as available for selection

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Your Instagram Account needs to be a Business Account

Please note that these steps should be followed on a cellphone and not on a laptop

If you have tried to connect your Instagram account to Missinglettr and the profile you want is not showing as available, one of the first things to check is that your account is a Business Account! 

Instagram Business Accounts don’t require any official business verification so they are a really simple option for anyone doing any kind of marketing on Instagram. A Business Account provides access to a host of features that personal profiles don’t have.

There are two main types of accounts on Instagram – Personal or Professional. Within the Professional Account type you are either categorized as a Business or a Creator.

 When setting up or switching to a Professional account, in the final step you are asked to select whether you are a Creator or Business. To use Missinglettr we need you to select the option for Business.

 I think I already have a Business Account?


The easiest way is to check in your Settings.


  1. Head to your profile page and click the 3 stacked lines in the top right hand corner.
  2. Then click ‘Settings’ and then ‘Account’.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and then you will see one of 2 options:

  • If it says ‘Switch to Professional Account’ – then you are currently on a Personal Account
  • If it says ‘Switch account type’ – then you are already on a Professional Account. Click through to check whether you are on Business or Creator.

  1. If you are currently on Personal Account then we recommend switching to a Professional Account, ensuring you select the option for Business when asked.
  2.  If you are already on a Professional Account, then click ‘Switch Account Type’ to see which account you are already on.
  3.  If the options then say ‘Switch to personal account’ or ‘Switch to creator account’ then you know you are already on a Business Account (Hooray!). If not, then you should have the option to ‘Switch to Business Account’ in which case you should select this option.


 Linking Instagram to your Facebook page


The final step that is needed to make sure your Instagram page is connected to a Facebook Business Page.


  1. Go to your Instagram profile.
  2. Click the 3 stacked lines in the top right hand corner
  3. Click Settings
  4. Click Business
  5. Click ‘Connect or Create’ or sometimes ‘Connect Page’
  6. Select either ‘Create Facebook Page’ or ‘Connect an Existing Page’
  7. Choose a Page from your Pages that you'd like to connect to or select Create a New Facebook Page.
  8. Once your page is selected you are ready to go!


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