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There are a few settings you can customize to create the best campaigns for your content. If you head over to your Settings -> Drip campaign -> General, here's what you can find :

  1. Hashtag settings

When MissingLettr creates a campaign, it will automatically and by default generate and recommend hashtags based on your content/your META info. If you choose to disable the hashtags suggestions, you can add a list of default hashtags at the bottom of the page. Like this, only your favorite hashtags will be added to your campaign. You can also choose to disable hashtags entirely.

  1. Post media types

By default, MissingLettr will generate posts for your campaign that include either an image/video, a postcard link or a quote bubble. If you would prefer to disable a particular post type, unselect it in the list.

  1. Choose a default social profile

Choose the social profiles you want to use/not use in your drip campaigns by default. Irrespective of this setting, you'll be able to turn the profiles on and off in each individual campaign.

  1. UTM parameters

UTM parameters are the variables we add to your campaign's URL to help you track how effective each campaign is. Check the UTM parameters support help page for more information.

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