Author specific campaigns

If you have more than one author creating content on your blog, then add these meta tags to customize the campaign branding.

When Missinglettr generates a campaign for one of your blog posts, we will use whatever branding settings you set up here.

That's great if you only have one person writing your blog posts, or if you just want a single brand to represent your campaign imagery.

If you have more than one author creating content though, you might want Missinglettr to use the image and name of the actual author of the blog post.

By adding 3 simple meta tags to the HTML of your blog posts, you can now tell us who the author is, provide a photo of them and even tell us what their Twitter handle is. Once added, our clever systems will detect these tags and use the name and image to brand the quote bubble images we create. 

The (optional) Twitter username you pass through those meta tags will be dynamically injected into your Twitter campaign content. When we send those tweets out, your guest authors will see it as a 'mention' and will be encouraged to retweet the post for you.

Adding the meta tags to your sites HTML

Simply add the meta tags below to the HEAD section in your blog post's HTML. 

<meta property="og:article:author" content="Joe Bloggs" /> 
<meta property="og:article:author:twitter_handle" content="mytwitterhandle" /> 
<meta property="og:article:author:profile_image" content="" /> 

The content values should be changed to reflect the author's details.

The "og:article:author" and "og:article:author:profile_image" tags are used to generate the quote style images, whereas the "og:article:author:twitter_handle" tag is used in the actual text part of the social post generated, so that tweets sent out refer back to the author and encourage them to retweet it on your behalf.

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