I can't connect my Mastodon account

MissingLettr Team Updated by MissingLettr Team

Mastodon has introduced a new feature whereby its cleaning up oauth applications that are older than a day and were not created by a user by visiting the Developer section (I.e personally created ones are not cleaned).

This can cause some issues if you want to connect your Mastodon account with your own server. To fix it, you will need to create a new app with the following properties and then provide us with Client key & Client secret :

Application Name: Missinglettr

Application website: https://missinglettr.com

Redirect URI: https://missinglettr.com/accounts/mastodon/login/callback/

Once done, please provide us with the mentioned information, sending a message to Customer Service, or by email at hello@missinglettr.com. We will make the changes necessary on our end, and you'll be able to connect your Mastodon account.

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