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My site's URL isn't being recognized

By default, Missinglettr requires an RSS feed in order to discover and import posts from your blog automatically. 

When you add a URL, we attempt to locate an RSS feed within it and store it in our database for future use.
If we fail to locate an RSS feed on the URL you have provided, an error will be shown.  

If you are experiencing this issue, one of these should be the reason: 

  1. You are attempting to add a URL of your website, while your blog lives elsewhere.
    Adding results in error, when in fact you have a blog with one of the following URL's: or 
    If this is the case, try adding the URL of the exact page where your blog posts live. 
  2. Your site doesn't have an RSS feed but you would like to add one. 
    A: Check the following link: RSS Feed setup
  3. Your site does not have an RSS feed, and you do not wish to add one. 
    A: You can always decide to manually import blog posts to Missinglettr.
    In this case, you should contact customer support and ask them to bypass the RSS check for you and add your website. 

If you are unable to find a solution to your issue here, please contact our customer support and provide your site's URL in the message. 

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