Schedule Templates

Updated 8 months ago by Jelena Mikic

The "Schedule templates" section allows users to choose between a few pre-configured templates according to which their campaigns will be published. 

To access it, head to Settings > Schedule templates: 

In the left sidebar, you'll see a list of all the available schedule templates: 

There are 4 pre-built schedule templates: 
- 12 month evergreen (the old Missinglettr default campaign)
- 6 month evergreen
- 2 month blast
- 2 week blast

Using, editing existing and creating your own schedule templates is available to users on our Business and Team plans.

To create a new schedule template click the "+ Create new schedule" under the offered schedule templates. 

Using the form visible above, you are free to fine-tune a schedule template to your exact needs. 
Make sure that the Campaign duration is longer than the number of posts. A campaign can run for a maximum of 2 years -  730 days and have up to 50 posts per social profile connected.
The post distribution slider allows you to concentrate more posts at the beginning/end of the campaign or keep the post evenly balanced.

The bottom section allows you to change/remove the posting days and add new ones. 

The campaigns section was also updated to allow you to choose a specific schedule template when creating/regenerating your campaigns: 

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