What is Missinglettr?

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Missinglettr is for anyone who has a blog they want to promote on social media - easier, faster, and with better results.

Here's a quick recap of our process.

You'll connect a your blog to Missinglettr simply by entering the URL. It would be great if you had an RSS feed, since this is the easiest way of the platform recognizing your content. If you don't have one, there is still a way to use Missinglettr, you just need to talk to our customer support.

After connecting your blog, you'll set up the basic things - schedule, branding, connect your social profiles... Then, you'll be able to create the first campaign.

When we say a campaign, we mean a sequence of 9 unique social media posts (text+image+link). Those posts will be published to your connected social profiles over the course of a year. When it comes to images, we make sure there is a variety by extracting images from your blog, creating quote bubbles, and giving you the option to upload a custom image. You can customize the branding of the quote bubbles completely, but the most basic template looks something like this:

Nine social posts spread across a year is the default campaign, but it is possible to customize that as well (add more or less posts, change their frequency, alter the time frame)

Before anything is published to your social profiles, you have to review and approve the campaign. Nothing is ever published without your approval. In the review process, you can edit both images and text.

The campaign is published to your own social profiles - Facebook (pages and profiles), Twitter, LinkedIn (pages and profiles) and Google+ (pages and profiles)

Missinglettr focuses on promoting your own content. But this isn't just a scheduling tool - we do our best to create the content for you so that you can save as much time as possible, and still drive traffic to your blog through social media. You can just plug the campaigns, and devote your time to things that really matter to your business.

Even though most of our users promote their blog posts through Missinglettr, it is also possible to promote events, items from your webshop or different pages of your site. If you're not sure if Missinglettr would work with your site, feel free to talk to our customer support.

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