How to add a site

Updated 1 year ago by Branislav

Here is what needs to be done in order to add another site or blog to your Missinglettr account after you have added your first blog. 

  1. In the top left corner of the user interface you will see the title of your current site and a neat arrow pointing downwards. Clicking on the title will expose a dropdown containing an option to add a new site. 
  2. After clicking on 'ADD NEW SITE' a popup will appear, similar to the one you saw when adding your first blog. 
    Fill in the required info and click 'Next'

  3. The second step will attempt to automatically detect your blog post content, and allow you to make adjustments if necessary: 

    To begin, hit the Start calibration button and you will see what our system thinks the content of a blog post is: 

    If you are happy with the content you see, click on "Looks good" to move to the next step. 
    If the content seems incomplete click on "Adjust" to tell us which container to target:

    Move the red selector to the correct container and just click on your content.
    We will then adjust the content suggestion accordingly. 

  4. The last step will ask you to set up the branding settings for your new site and click next. 

  5. That is it, you have successfully added your site to Missinglettr. 'Take to my dashboard' will open your second dashboard. 

  6. You can switch between added sites by using the dropdown from step 1 of this tutorial. 

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