Image guidelines for campaigns

These are the general guidelines to ensure your images are not affected by our system when posting to your social media profiles:

  1. All images with a width larger than 1400px will be scaled down to that width. 
  2. The image size which works best with social media sites is 1024x512px. Images with these dimensions will be minimally altered by the social media sites you are posting to. 
  3. Quote bubble background images should be 1400x700 to achieve the best possible scaling across all social media networks.
  4. If a smaller image is used for a quote bubble background, it will be scaled to 1400x700px before posting to your social media profiles. As a result, it may appear blurry. 
  5. To ensure our image processor consumes your images correctly, please use .jpeg and .png images using RGB color profiles in your blog posts. 
  6. Any images smaller than 150x150px will not be imported into Missinglettr campaigns. 

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