How to add your Youtube channel

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If you're on the Pro plan and above, you can add your YouTube channel as a content source (head over to this page to know how to add a content source).

Once you've connected your YouTube Channel by signing into your Google account, MissingLettr will check your channel and create campaings for every video that you upload.

For MissingLettr to be able to create these campaigns, here's what you need:

- Subtitles activated for each video (here's a YouTube Help Doc for Youtube subtitles)

- The subtitles must be in English, French, Spanish, Italian, or any other latin language (MissingLettr doesn't recognize other alphabets yet).

- Your videos need to be published to your channel and with a public access

If you don't have any subtitles, we will use your video's description to create the campaign. However, note that the quotes generated might be limited, so it's better to make sure the subtitles are activated.

We don't generate thumbnails for YouTube video, therefore your Media section will be empty; don't hesitate adding images with unsplash, or even uploading a video preview from your computer!

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