How to delete a social profile

Updated 1 year ago by Jelena Mikic

Sometimes you might need to remove a social profile you connected to your account. This guide shows you how to do it.

When you add a social profile, you are connecting it to your Missinglettr account. This enables you to share it amongst your sites (if you have more than one).

If you need to delete a profile you have one of two options:

Removing a social profile from a site

Let's imagine you have linked a social profile to one of your sites. You no longer need it linked to that site, but you do want to keep it linked to your account (so that you can either use it later, or use it within another site). In these cases, you simply need to head into your site's Social Profile settings.

When on this page, you'll notice two rows of social profiles.

The first row is showing you all profiles currently linked to that site. Whereas the second row is showing all profiles linked to your account.

To delete a social profile from this site and not your account, just press the grey X icon top right of the social profiles box. As shown here:

Removing a social profile from my account

Following on from the above, if you ever need to delete a social profile entirely from your account, you need to hover over the appropriate social profile account from the bottom row. Doing this will reveal a delete button. Press that and your social profile will not be entirely removed from all sites as well as your Missinglettr account.

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