How do I effectively promote my affiliate offer?

You know your audience the best and we can't tell you what will be the most efficient technique for you. But, we can give you some guidelines and fresh ideas.

No matter whether you're writing a blog post, creating a podcast episode or filming a video, here are the basic principles you should keep in mind:

1. Be honest

The fact that you're trying to "sell" something doesn't mean you need to lie in order to make it look as good as possible. Be honest about your feelings towards Missinglettr. Talk about both pros and cons. We love to hear about the things we could make better, and your audience will appreciate your opinion more. It's never just rainbows and unicorns. 

By showing both sides of the coin, your audience won't be disappointed when they try the platform out themselves.

2. Your experience matters

A technical description of the service won't take you far in most cases. Unless your audience has a strong affinity towards technical documentation, that is. 

So, your recommendation should be all about your experience with Missinglettr. What were the steps you had to go through to set it up and make it work for you? Did you have to make some adjustments? Did you have any experience with customer support or any other important support segment?

The most convincing thing you can include in your affiliate recommendation is results! 

If you can show how your blog traffic has increased over several months of using Missinglettr, that's a very strong selling point. Or maybe you'll add together all the hours you didn't have to spend creating the visuals and compelling text for social sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. How much is that every week/every month? Maybe you could devote the saved time to more strategic things. It's all an important result you can share.

3. Keep your audience in mind

As we already mentioned above, it's all about your audience.

Stick to your unique voice and style here. You know your audience the best and you know exactly what appeals to them. On the other hand, you know exactly what attracted you to Missinglettr. That's the link you need to make if you want your affiliate promotion to be successful.

What is your audience struggling with? It's a problem Missinglettr can solve in a specific way.

If your audience doesn't consist of people who practice marketing and need to set up blog promotions, you can have a different approach here. For example, you can write/record/film an analysis of Missinglettr you can share with your blogging colleagues. It can be Facebook groups or any other communities you're a part of. Just make sure you adhere to the rules of the community and not make it too promotional.

Another thing you can do there is create a piece on how Missinglettr helps you in your everyday business; add it to your "blogger toolbox"; mention it in a "behind the curtains" piece that describes how you run your business... There are many options here that depend on who you're talking to.

4. The best format?

The best format for an affiliate piece doesn't really exist. So, you can play around and be as creative as you want.

A good place to start is your favorite usual format. How is your audience used to hearing from you? It can be a video, a podcast episode, an email, a webinar, a case study... 

You can format it as a walkthrough tutorial. Or you can go for the "here's how to increase your traffic" style. Another approach can be "look at this handy tool and what I managed to do with it". The list can go on and on. It's really up to you to pick the best option and go with it.

Either way, don't fall into the trap of overthinking. Especially if you've never written an affiliate promotional piece before. As long as you're honest and keep the needs of your audience in mind, it will be great!

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