No content found for a campaign ? Here’s how you can help us recalibrate your webpage

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When adding a content source to create a Drip Campaign, MissingLettr needs to know where to look in the blogpost. Usually, this is handled automatically, but if you’re not seeing great results, or if you get the error message “No content found”, it probably means that we don’t have the right information to extract the content from your blog post. Keep reading to resolve this. 

A web page is (most of the time) built in HTML, the standard markup language for documents designed to be displayed in a web browser. This language uses tags to create the different sections of the website. Tags consist of element names surrounded by < and >, for example <head>, <body>.

In the <body>, we will have different Content Division elements : <div>, that will allow us to structure the body content. Each <div> has either an ID or a class that is unique to that content division element. 

For MissingLettr to be able to retrieve the content from your blog post, we need to know in which <div> it’s located, and therefore, we need the ID/class name of that <div>. If you don’t have a <div> with a unique ID or class name, you’ll need to create one.

  1. To visualize the HTML code, click right and select Inspect element.


The part on the right is where you will need to find the container we’re looking for. 

If you pass your mouse pointer on the code, it will highlight the part of the web page it’s associated with. For example, the image below is associated with this part of the code :

  1. Browse the code until you find the part that’s associated with the content (the text) of the blog post. Make sure it doesn’t include the comment section, or content from the sidebar or footer.
  2. Create a content division element to wrap this part of the code. You can either create : 

- A <div> with an ID :

<div id="MyID" >

[HTML code for your blogpost]


  • A <div> with a class name : 

<div class="MyClassName" >

[HTML code for your blogpost]


You need to make sure this ID/class name is unique. To do that, do ctrl+f, copy and paste the ID/class name and make sure there’s only one occurrence. 

Once you created the <div>, you will need to reach out to us with the ID or unique class so that we can recalibrate your account using that information. 

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