What is a campaign?

Updated 2 months ago by Jelena Mikic

The term "campaign" is used to describe the main process that happens on the Missinglettr platform.

When you connect your blog page (or your RSS feed), Missinglettr detects all the blog posts available there. After that, you can pick which posts you want us to create campaigns for.

A campaign is a sequence of 9 social media posts we create for you based on your blog post's content.

Those posts contain both text and images. The text is pulled out of your blog, and you can also include hashtags. The images are extracted from the blog, but you also have the option to create custom quote images.

The 9 posts are scheduled to be sent out to your social accounts over the course of a year.

This number of posts and duration of the campaign is the default setting. There is a "Schedule Template" feature that allows you to change duration of the campaign, create more/less posts ,or customize their frequency.

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