How are my clicks recorded?

Updated 4 months ago by Benjamin Dell

Our powerful Campaign Analytics area helps you keep track of the clicks that each of your campaign's receive. More than that though, we're able to individually monitor how many clicks each social profile you send your campaign content to perform.

With that in mind, let's look at how the clicks are recorded because it's quite common to see differences with the clicks we record and the clicks you might see in say Google Analtyics.

Uniqiue Clicks, not Unique Visitors

First thing worth noting is thay our clicks are based on unique clicks, not unique visitors. This does mean that it will almost always be higher than the number of unique visitors that you might see in Google Analytics.

100% of clicks recorded

It's also worth noting that with our technology we are able to track 100% of the clicks we receive since they are recorded server side and not via JavaScript (such as is the case when a Google Analytics click is recorded). When someone clicks one of our shortened URL's in a social post (or anywhere else you've shared it), that URL directs to our servers first so that we can translate it into your full URL. When this happens, we record the click.

In the case of analytics tools like Google Analytics, clicks are sometimes never recorded because either the page doesn't complete rendering, or the end-user has JS plugins disabled or ad blockers in place.

Our URL shortener doesn't suffer from these issues and so this is often one of the main reasons for our numbers being different (and quite often higher) than Google Analytics.

Recording Bot clicks

In short, we don't :) Our URL shortener is trained to detect bots and when they are encountered, they are simply ignored and no clicks are recorded. We're constantly updating our bot detection capabilities when new bots are discovered. So whilst it is possible that a very small percentage of bots may be missed, the vast majority are detected and ignored.

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