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Analytics provides insight into how your campaigns are performing - i.e. how many clicks they have gathered over a specified period of time. Apart from that, you can see which days of the week and times of the day have seen the most clicks.

You can access analytics from the Analytics menu item: stats

As described here, with we have much greater insight into how individual campaigns and posts are performing, given the parent link/child link architecture we employ throughout campaigns using, hence the difference in analytics we can provide for other shortening providers.


There are a few key elements (charts) visible in the analytics tab:

How your social profiles are performing - displays the total number of clicks collected across all campaigns for a defined time period:

Top drip campaigns - displays the campaigns which were active in the indicated period, sorted by the number of clicks each has collected:

Where your clicks are coming from - breakdown of clicks collected by country, browser, and operating system.

When you get the most clicks- displays the distribution of engagement by hours for the indicated period:


Filters allow you to fine-tune what Analytics displays - filter by time period and social profiles to take a deeper look at your results.

When defining filters, remember to click the "Apply" button in order to refresh the Analytics with the selected filters.

In terms of limitations - there are none - however, if we don't have any data for the period of time you have selected, we will display a message that no data is available for the selected period, in which case you should expand the scope of your filters.

Analytics is not available for other shortening providers. For details refer to the analytics page of your chosen shortening provider.

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