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The Missing Shortener

It is my pleasure to introduce the Missing Shortener.

We were missing a letter for far too long, and I am happy to say that we finally found it - I present

Unlike other shorteners, which provide you with a link and/or hidden parameters visible or invisible to your users, the Missing Shortener will do something completely different.

Say you give us a link you want to shorten:

Our shortener will return a shortened link: as well as any number of short link variations leading to the same page.

In the context of Missinglettr, up until this point, every campaign had a single link. This was done mainly because we didn't want to overburden any of the shortening providers we support or cause any financial pressure on users subscribed to any of these services, which often limit the number of short links that can be created in a certain period of time.

With, we don't have such a limitation and that enables us to do some pretty powerful things.

A new way of tracking clicks

Imagine a campaign with 50 posts spread over a period of 2 years. Say we also have 10 different social profiles this campaign should post to. When we crunch the numbers, we reach a figure of 500 individual posts within our campaign. Imagine being able to track the clicks made every single one of these posts. Our shortener enables us to create and distribute 500 unique variations of a single short link throughout our campaign.

Each post becomes fully traceable

Since each post will now have a unique link, every bit of posted content can be tracked and monitored for clicks, throughout the post's lifetime. Sent a post a year ago to your Facebook page and someone clicked on it yesterday? You'll know.

Compiling that data and displaying it in our analytics provides a statistic breakdown from a high-level of multiple campaigns, down to a single post that went to a single social profile and everything in between.


To make things even better, UTM support is also evolving - all link variations allocated to a single social channel will now also include the name of the channel in question (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) as a UTM source parameter. and Missinglettr has become the default shortener Missinglettr relies on, replacing which was discontinued a few weeks ago.

All links within created and active campaigns were automatically switched over.

When reviewing future campaigns, you may notice that each post still has the same link and you could wonder - where are all those variations?

Right before a piece of content is scheduled to be posted, will collect the information regarding a post - its time, campaign, and destination social profile creating a unique sub-link to be sent instead of the base URL.

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