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When adding posts to the Missinglettr Curate library, manual checks are not carried out by design. Instead, the platform operates on the principle that great content will be shared and poor content will not. Ultimately meaning that the more relevant, engaging, and value-driven you can make your content, the more likely it is that it will be discovered and shared.

That being said, inappropriate content can be reported by our users. When this happens, our team is notified and a manual review is scheduled. Whilst a post is being reviewed, the post will not be visible in the library for others to share. We work to review all flagged posts as quickly as possible to minimize downtime (typically within 4 hrs during business hours). However, due to the manual nature - please bear in mind that it could take longer at busy times.

Why has my post been flagged?

Users are able to flag a post as being inappropriate for 3 main reasons:

  • Content is too spammy
  • Content is abusive, rude, or inflammatory
  • Content is too promotional/sales focused

Why has my post been rejected?

If a post has been flagged by a user for us to review (and you have received a message letting you know that the post has been rejected), it usually means that your content falls into one of the categories above. Please review your content and make changes to the source material before resubmitting. It is important for us that your post is clear and is not misleading the audience in any way. If re-submitting, the post will immediately fall back into review status, so that we can check whether it has been modified sufficiently.

Is promotional content allowed?

Yes in principle. As long as it's clear on the social post what the reader can expect so that people sharing it and the audience clicking into it are not mislead or falsely enticed to the site. It is important to us to have a clear message and not be misleading in any way.

Are there any protections in place to ensure I am not targeted by users that just disagree with my content?

In short, yes. Reporting a post is a serious matter. We will review the report as per the above, but if it looks like a post has been reported inappropriately (i.e. because the person reporting it just doesn't like the content and wants to smear/downgrade that person), then we might block that person from being able to report your content again and in extreme cases, we may terminate their account.

It's important to note that the goal of the platform is to enable great content to flourish. We care deeply about the integrity of the content in the library and that is why we will always check the quality of any content that is reported to ensure it meets our quality standards. But for the same reason, that is why we also take it seriously when we notice people abusing the Report a Post feature.

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