Manual Campaigns

Updated 2 years ago by Branislav

It's possible to turn any valid link into a campaign by using the create campaign button in the navbar:

After clicking on + Create Campaign a popup will appear:

After inputting a link, click Next and you'll reach the following step:

Apart from editing the title of your campaign, you can also select the type of campaigns you can create.

At the moment these are:

1. Auto Campaign

2. Empty campaign

Auto Campaigns

These are regular campaigns which instruct our scrapper to go to the link you have provided and extract any content we may find in order to create content suggestions.

Empty Campaigns

These don't extract any content from the link you have added - instead a completely empty campaign is created, populated with nothing but the title of the camaign and shortened link. You can freely add any content you wish to promote through your campaign.

Choosing a schedule template a manual campaign should use is possible via the button dropdown - to reveal it, click on the arrow next to the campaign type you would like to use:

In the future we will be adding more types of campaigns, stay tuned :)

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