I've connected my Facebook group or page, but nothing is posting

Updated 5 months ago by Branislav

With Facebook groups, it may be necessary to install the Missinglettr app into your group.

You can do this on Facebook, via the 'Edit group settings' page accessible from this dropdown:

Once there, click the Add Apps button in the Apps section:

A popup will appear, allowing you to search for available apps. Search for Missinglettr and click on the result:

You will get prompted if you wish to add the Missinglettr app to your group - click add:

Once done, you will get another popup stating you have added the Missinglettr app to your group, click 'done' to dismiss it:

Finally, scroll to the bottom of the group settings page and hit 'save' to preserve the changes made:

And that's it - your scheduled and approved Facebook posts should start sending to your Facebook group according to your calendar.

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