Common Questions

Does Missinglettr work with languages other than English?

Even though Missinglettr was originally created for English, we now have users from all over the world, blogging in many different languages. It works because we use your blog content to create the s…


How long will I wait for a response from Customer Support?

Our customer support team is normally available during London business hours (GMT+1) The help widget you see at the bottom left corner of your screen on Missinglettr's site is not a live chat, but fe…


I have a feature suggestion, where can I submit it?

You can submit a feature request via or the on-site help bubble.


I want to exercise my rights under GDPR

If you want to send us a request to exercise your rights under GDPR, you can do that by clicking on this link. Each request we receive will be processed and acted upon in the shortest time possible.…


Is Missinglettr GDPR compliant?

We have taken all the necessary steps for Missinglettr to comply with the GDPR. Here's a general overview of what we've done so far and how you can contact us regarding any questions related to this…


Which blogging platforms does Missinglettr work with?

We support all the major blogging platforms - WordPress, Blogger, Squarespace... It doesn’t matter where you built your site, as long as you have an active RSS feed with all of your posts in it. If y…