Can I connect more than one Medium account?

Right now, posting is limited to just one Medium account, no matter how many sites you have connected. We’re working on this feature and you can track its progress right here.


Draft not sent?

If you have toggled the Medium repost option ON and didn't get an email saying that a repost was successful, have a look at your Medium drafts: If the draft isn't…


How do I connect my Medium account?

With Medium reposting, you don’t need to connect your account as you would with other social profiles. You’ll get that option when reviewing your drip campaign posts. Click on the "Re-publish to Medi…


How does Medium reposting work?

The Medium reposting feature is a bit different than posting to normal social profiles. Instead of sending out bits of content, we will repost your entire blog post to Medium. The option to repost yo…