I have connected my Twitter account, but nothing is sending

MissingLettr Team Updated by MissingLettr Team

If you've connected your Twitter account but can't see any post on your feed, there might be a permission issue.

Here's how to solve this :

  1. Go to Twitter and click "More"

  1. Click "Settings and Support" and then "Settings and privacy"

  1. Click "Security and account access", then "Apps and sessions" and "Connected apps".

  1. Find MissingLettr in the list, click on it and revoke the permissions.

  1. Go back to MissingLettr and head over to your Social profile settings. Click on Twitter and Reconnect the profile.

You'll be asked to enter your password and accept the permissions.

And that's it, your Twitter account is reconnected !

If you have any issue, contact support for help.

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